Lara & Grant-Scripps Seaside Forum

Lara and Grant a beautiful couple married on April 15 2012 at Scripps Seaside Forum.

I have the pleasure of working with many amazing brides, one of the being Lara. She is a soft spoken beautiful person so excited about her wedding day & becoming Grant’s wife! Here’s a little story about how Lara and Grant met and a few beautiful pics from the wedding day! Congrats again Lara & Grant and thanks for letting me take part in your day!

From the Bride’s prospective:

“When I first moved to San Diego for grad school, one of my good friends from college put me in touch with Jake, a 3rd year UCSD medical student. Jake invited me to join him and his sister at a med school party where half the people were dressed in 80s fitness gear and the other half donned country western outfits and weird facial hair. Amidst the confusing array of costumes, I spotted and was instantly drawn to a tall, dark man in an orange plaid shirt and straw cowboy hat. We barely talked at the party, but this brief interaction (combined with subsequent facebook stalking…) was sufficient to induce a huge infatuation. Over the next few days, my close friends patiently listened to me gush about having met my “dream man”, and I wondered if I would ever see him again.

A month later, I was invited to the med school Halloween party. Since I knew Grant would most likely be at this event, I was determined to seduce him. Unfortunately, this flawless plan to “seduce” Grant degenerated into an awkward, “Hey, didn’t I meet you at that last party?” as I passed by him in my Mia Wallace costume (from Pulp Fiction) on a crowded dance floor. Although we ended up talking more later, I went home totally discouraged, having sensed no interest whatsoever on Grant’s side. The next morning, I vowed internally to abandon this ridiculous crush, but just a few minutes later I checked my e-mail and found a Facebook friend request from Grant! One facebook message led to another, until, on Election Day, 2008, we finally met for the first time without costumes and had lunch at the UCSD farmer’s market. There, we discovered our mutual love of food, travel, and the number 13, and 2 years later, on New Year’s Eve, we got engaged in Santa Barbara!”

Venue: Scripps Seaside Forum
Makeup: Lovestruck Makeup & Beauty Lounge – Jessica Hofmann
Photography: Anika London
Florist: Modern Bouquet
Food: Coast Catering (with Jennifer Layne from Coast Catering as our day of coordinator)
DJ: Injoy Entertainment

Pinterest Obsession

If you know me, you must know about my major pinterest obsession! LOL Here’s a few beautiful Hair and Makeup photos we have collected from brides over the past few months! Thanks pinterest and brides!

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