Pearl & Matt Balboa Park Wedding

Pearl and Matt were married in Balboa Park on May 26th 2012. This couple is as smiley and happy as the wedding day! Pearl and Matt chose a beautiful back drop for friends and family to celebrate the beautiful start to life full of travel and adventures. Thanks for letting me take part in your special day! Congrats again!
Here’s a little about the bride and the proposal:

From the bride’s prospective:

I have always wondered how people are friends for years and then all of a sudden start dating. But, this what happened with my husband and me and it was the best surprise.  Matt and I met in dental school and we got to know each other really well because we were in the same group throughout school, we even sat next to each other in one of our classes. We also volunteered with an organization that provided care to children in Southern California and Central America.

I could always count on Matt to take a break and go shopping or eat dinner. He was a great friend, and we got along well. He was always there when I needed someone to talk to. It wasn’t until we graduated and when we were both single that we realized that our friendship could be more.  Since we were friends first our relationship came naturally and we knew early on what we had was special and that we had a future together.

On our one-year anniversary Matt proposed in Santa Barbara.  He gave me globe with pins marking everywhere we had traveled together.  He also handed me a book where he wrote down and described all the places we’ve have been. The last entry he wrote was about Santa Barbara and he said “this entry will be short because our trip just started, but we will always remember because this is where I will ask you to spend the rest of your life with me.” I was thrilled and of course I said yes!
Photography: Orange Turtle Wedding Photography
Makeup: Lovestruck Makeup & Beauty Lounge
Videographer: Neng Velasco with eNvee Pix
Venue: Balboa Park, San Diego
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