Trials Make the Day Run Smooth

Hey Gals!

I’m trying to get better about posting! Sorry…. But Here is a few awesome ideas to get your money’s worth on your next trial!

First off before you even set a trial up, pick an artist that specifically went to school for makeup. Any artist can pick up products and call them selves “Professional Self-Taught Aritsts” . For your wedding you are looking for artists that specialize and are certified in makeup application. You need someone who can make sure your makeup can last throughout a long day (12-16 hours) and is camera friendly.  Makeup for HD television and photography is different. Don’t be shy to ask about certifications, for the most part we’re pretty excited to talk about it.

Lovestruck likes to book trials on days that you can schedule your engagement sessions, bridal showers, or  any other event that you will be taking photos. This way you can wear it for a long period of time and see how amazing you look in photos. I am super excited about the new  “styled engagements”  sessions! So fun!

How to be prepared for a trial:

1. Wear your everyday makeup! Most clients think they should come in with a bare face, but its actually better as artists to see what you wear on a daily basis. This way we can already see how you feel most comfortable and get a good sense of your style.

2. Have pictures. We always like to style makeup and hair according to your event-Laid-back, beachy, formal, indoor, outdoor etc… Not to mention, we love seeing all the details!

3. Bring a list of anything you are allergic to. For the most part we never see cosmetic allergies but its always something you want to tell your artist.

4. Expect to be at  a trial for about 2 hours. We always like to try different looks so you can pick the look that meets your personal needs.

At the end of the day trials help make your day run smooth. You know what to expect and you can finally sip on that glass of champagne and see all of your hard work pay off.


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